What should I do about my hair?

Shorter? Grow it out? What Color? What style?

all I've really gotten is color ideas. I agree with the dark brown, but what about the style? I was gonna grow out bangs and layer it... whatdya think


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  • No I don't think you should go dark brown. It is way too dark for you. I really like your hair color the way it is. If you want to spiff up your natural color, you should go a little darker(but a shade that is near your natural hair color). but keep in mind...hair dying is hard to maintain...it grows out and your roots show and the color fades(which looks terrible). also, it looks like you have fine hair, which does not take well to excessive dying...meaning it can be very damaging.

    Uhm, and about your hair style..I think you would look really cute in bangs that completely go across your forhead(not the side swoop ones). oh and try to keep your hair a little longer (short hair may make you look younger. but same with bangs lol.

    but yea I highly recomend not dying your hair anything too dark...I think an auborn will look good though.

    • Actually.. I had my hair butt length and I cut it a year ago and everyone said I looked older with it shorter soo yah.. I'm not growing it out.. and you are the only person whose told me not to go dark.. but if you think about it, I'm very pale and having a light hair color kinda washes me out (to me) I don't think its really me anymore. it was cute when I was little but I think I wanna change it a lot. And I think my mom can help me with that damaging thing.. she's good with hair. but thanx anyways

    • The darker your hair the more pale your skin will appear

    • Exactly, I don't wanna be tan yuck. I like being pale

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  • Looks good how it is


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  • Hi again :)

    Layer it with maybe a thin underlayer of a dark chocolate brown

  • grow it past your shoulder a bit and then die it dark brown with maybe some lighter highlets to make your eyes pop!

    • Ok so you should go with side bangs and just no layers cause layers make it sometimes hard to style but later when you are older is the best for layers