My eyes are super cute without dark circles when I wake up but as the day progresses, They get bigger and dark circles appear as well?

How can i keep my eyes exactly like when i wake up for the whole day? I wear lenses and i work out in the evening.


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  • I have dark circles... but they are less visible now that before. if you use your phone a lot cut down on that. Get more sleep and double up pillows at night. Also if it's caused by allergy these won't help sorry.

    • I use my phone and tv 5-7 hours per day, how much should i cut it down to? Also i have dark circles at the corner of my eyes and not at the bottom of my eyes

    • I don't know exactly how much you should cut down but I know 6 hrs is too much unless there are breaks between

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  • Are you drinking enough water through out the day? That is a big factor. Also what you eat will help if you make sure its healthy. Also maybe take a multivitamin

    • i do drinj enough water and take multi vitamins as well

    • You could try tea bags that have been steeped and are cold under your eyes. Just don't use ones that are decaf

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