I didn't like the exchanged look and lack of privacy with friend. Is he that about his image?

We were flirting quite obviously and he decides to block of all contact (fb, etc). AT first, before he liked me, he was loud and friendly but after knowing me a bit, he was shy and insecure.I didn't help because we're both new at this though he's the party type and initially thought I was too because I dress the act but am really a nerd with the right looks and friends and outward attitude. neither of us have been in relationships. I sent him a msg saying "he was rude but I liked him, no games, just shyness." He stares at me endlessly during finals and then 2 weeks later approaches me 4 x at relay but then runs when I smile noticing him watching my booth. he comes by with a girl but I later found out she's a friend. I show a minute of hurt but then act cool and next week he keeps coming in my direction but I was sick of the games and avoid him. I see him 2 weeks later and he glares at me but then stares again. 2 more weeks go by and I see him in a hallway. he looks sad and guilty as he stares and then looks down and walks upstairs. yesterday I saw him at a yogurt place. I don't want to go in but then I do. he and his friend sit outside and he faces the inside of the store, directly where I'm sitting. I can't concentrate on my work so decide to leave because I thought they would be quick about eating. he acts like he doesn't care and that he's annoyed to see me. so I act the same. I get to my car, realize we're graduating, so I go back. he says ''hey'' and I say''can we talk?" and by that I meant alone, which I think is obvious. he says, ''sure what's up?" and leans closer. frustrated because I wanted to ask him why he blocked me, and he knows I'm not the type to make a scene, and I think that’s why he didn’t get up, so I say, ''i just wanted to say bye.'' and I kind of just show that I'm not angry anymore. he warms up and he gets up to give me a big hug. I leave and he exchanges this weird look with his friend. they go in his car. before he gets in, he looks at me and reminds me of the guy who I missed.

he's super loud and friendly...i dunno what happened to him while we flirted or even starting right before the hug to when he got in his car...so shy and sweet.

he's a smooth talker at the start of o your friendship and when I went up to him but then he transforms into this child-like innocent guy who I feel knows less than me about dating and stuff.

is he just too immature for a relationship. I should add he has friends that are girls and he's kind and funny. with girls that flirt with him, he's just rude. I get both, kindness and rudeness. why didn't he just delete me from his fb. why block me? People find out one way or another


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  • maybe he's hiding something on FB from you...in either case, you should find another b/f

  • If you delete you have to reapply, if you block you can unblock... and they can't see what you are up to...

    • But I found out and can see his fb from my fam fb. and he knows it. igave him the email to block that account but he didn't. he's not the type to flirt publicly on fb. once h posted this love bird that we talked bout in class. girls commented on it but he just deleted my comment because it got the meaning.

    • He's not a fried of my family fb but I sent him a m sg confronting him that I knew...and that I don't care what he has to do but he should know the truth: that I like him, though he's rude and immature. and so the sotry goes... (above!)

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