Why do they keep looking at me like that?

I mean, I don't want to sound arrogant and thanks in advance for reading and/or answering this.

I am a male in his 20's forever young looking and healthy, though not boyish looks.

I dress in an elegant way all the time and they keep looking @ my neck area even when I close it and also my crotch area when I am sat

The crotch part is partly understandable but the neck is beyond me.

Please reveal me why they keep looking @ my neck area and if the colors I wear have an impact on how I am perceived

and oh, below are some facts about myself

-I highly enjoy wearing the color blue and have it many of my clothing (hat,shoes,trousers...) and also in various hues. Green is my next favorite colour

-I have a goatee

-Lesbians are affected too! So I know, it's nothing to do with their sexuality.I don't even want to get into what the male gays do

-I am really fit for my body type too!

-I always catch women ogling @ me and it's very funny learning how they do it. They always are surprised when I catch them lol!

especially when their partner/husband/boyfriend is present.

just a few to show: The "imaginary thirst" loll a favorite of them while looking.

Of course the hair flick...enough said

and another one, whenever I hit the streets, they pretend to look into their bags for something or fiddle with their mobile phones. some even shake as soon as they spot me as they approach me, I am sure some have leaks... as I can read that in their eyes. Some walk confidently and as soon as they spot me, their walking change into something disorderly and they lower their head and clinch to their bags or something nearby

Being multi-tasking , when they are in a group their walking accelerate and they keep talking when it's plain obvious that something is not right.

Not to mention public transport, as soon as they step in, their faces change automatically. Some smile,some give me an angry look and funny enough keep looking towards me again and again...I feel like they have some kind of "adrenaline shot" as soon as they see me

I would like to know why please?


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  • The angry look is so they can stair at you for a long time with out you knowing the reason why. Men sometimes bother women that stare at them, if a man knows the woman is attracted he seems to think he has a shot with her and will bother her no end. Shame our society has come to that.

    The neck thing I have no idea unless it's because you wear shirts with a collar instead of the usual slouchy t shirts that most people wear and people find it fascinating. Or perhaps its something peculiar about your personality, your face maybe that draws them to that aria I really don't know.

    Women are insanely horny though I look nice but I'm no model I imagine if a guy looked like what you described it would be fun most of the time but kind of scary to the way some of these women act. I think it's got something to do with repressing their sexual urges pretending that they are above it etc where men are expected to be highly sexed women have been brain washed to act indifferent.

    I remember my sister told me about a couple of guys she was checking out that were well built, like you, they enjoyed the attention so they took their shirts off and were walking up the strip in Vegas when a car full of women went buy, they were hanging out the window grabbing at the men and screaming and yelling like they were nut's those guys covered themselves up in a hurry. It scared them pretty good.

    • Thanks a bunch! I come to realize that it has , as you said, to do with them being repressed sexually and trying to hide it. When they come within my field of vision, they realize that they are not as sexually expressive as they thought they were and obviously being actressed in general, they try to hide it but the funny part is that they bodies don't allow them that luxury! loll! hence their reactions . Some even change lanes as soon as they realize that their bodies can't take it anymore

    • One thing though I once read the biography of Gery Cooper. I was board and the book was there so I read it. Cooper was known as a very attractive man. He started out as a young man working on ranches. He got hired on as an extra on movie sets and eventually became a star. Women flocked to him hung around threw themselves at him. As time went by Cooper went from a normal person to resembling the prostitutes that hang around the medical clinics where I live waiting for their std checks.

    • These women do not act normal they have developed a dysfunction where they relate to men as sex partners they will behave bizarrely around me even women basically they act like perverts every It's not that they are obsessed with sex in a natural way they are obsessed with it in a learned way they no longer relate to men the way a healthy women would. It was the same with Cooper he had no dignity left, in the end the women turned him into a toy for them.

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  • For me, I look at the neck area because I want to bite it... it's an attraction thing. I see a hot guy I'm looking at his lips and then my gaze will slide down to his neck. Scent is there, soft flesh of the neck... yum. Very primal.

    • Primal indeed, without judging...Thanks for giving more sense to it now :)

  • Maybe you're just an attractive male? Post pictures, that might help people tell you if that's the case?! Other possibilities for why this happens could be: you look like a celebrity so people are shocked by your resemblance OR you could just be an overanalizer who notices the smallest of details and you blow things out of proportion in your head. Overall I would say don't worry about this "situation" it can't be anything too bad...

    • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I think I am attractive .I am what you guys would call metrosexual so...

      ..what about the neck area? loll!

      As I am sure you noticed, I omitted adding my race and other details because the reactions I get come from all races and all age groups from toddler (4+) to grannies they all react the same and it even surprised me with toddlers because I never knew it started so early in girls...I mean damn! They even know how to ogle too! loll!

      I wasn't worried about it,

  • Looks from toddlers? wth okay seriously if you were so attractive than you'd post a pic of yourself for us to be the judge because this is coming off all a little to arrogant, no offense. And a little bit as a cry for attention. But maybe you should go up to these woman ask them yourself for a little more clarity. I'm pretty sure they won't deny you an answer.

    • Loll!thanks for the reply, yeah I know I come off as arrogant ...but here is the rub...I am not, I am just describing what I see. And yes toddlers, they look @ me and bite their lips...to which I smile and laugh. As I say I look really young...as in healthy because I have fine genes and I pay extremelly care of my lifestyle too!Well, by the way they look @ me and behave I think I have an idea what's on their minds and I rather not make that come out , not to mention the shy ones. will ask some..

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  • I think it is a celebrity look to many people.

  • Sounds like women think you're going to rob/attack them from how you're describing their reaction to you.

    • Not really attack as I get smiles from them as well. The more sophisticated the person is the more elaborate their ogling is and there is a great deal to learn from them

      You realize that women have an elaborate system in them, really powerful