What do you notice first?

I'm just curious as to what a guy notices first on a woman. Do you notice her eyes first? What about lips? Do you pay most attention to a woman's body when you first meet her? Basically, I'm wondering what are the first ten things you notice about a woman when you first see her?


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  • That would depend on the angle of approach. If the first thing I see of her is her back I'll mostly notice her hair and her ass. Otherwise face, breasts. I'm not to keen on looking people in the eyes, especially when I don't know them, so I rarely really notice those. But I'm probably an exception at that point, I couldn't even tell you the color of my own mother's eyes lol.


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  • I'm a face guy. If a woman has a pretty face that makes me take notice. I do notice her body, I won't lie, but for me facial beauty comes first. I guess it's good since she doesn't have to tell me "my face is up here!".

    • Do you think a woman's smile is very important? I hate mine, personally, but I'm just wondering if you think it really matters...

  • 1) Face

    2) Hair

    3) Ass

    4) Breasts

    5) Overall Body

    6) Height

    7) Eyes

    8) Skin

    9) Lips

    10) Does She Look Like a Bitch

  • face first

    make eye contact

    • Can you usually tell when a woman is interested in you? What would be some obvious indications (in your opinion) that a woman is interested and if you were interested as well, how would you reciprocate?

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    • So smiling is important? And if a guy smiles while making eye contact more than once in the course of a conversation (that you're not even having with him), then it's pretty safe to say that he's interested (or at least attracted to you)?

    • Yes and either that or he's attracted to you and wants to get to know you or is just flirting

      depends on the dude

      and smiling is key

      it can make or break it for me because I love when a girl has a nice smile and nice eyes.

      I love when she smiles because it shows she's a nice sweet easy going girl

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