My husband's cousin's girlfriend is prettier than me!

so my husband and I have been together for about 5 years now and we have a wonderful daughter and we are very happy. I was "creeping" on Facebook and stumbled upon his cousin who is the same age as him (they haven't talked in a while). I seen a picture of his fiance and she is prettier then I ever was! I'm so worried that if my husband and his cousin do get together and we get introduced to each other I'm gonna feel so awful and my husband is gonna look at me and wish I was something more, or even worse be ashamed! I'm not ugly, but this girl is amazing and c'mon I've had a kid... what is he gonna think when he meets her?


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  • Awh please don't put yourself down, Your husband married you, please remember this. I'm sure he finds you beautiful. True love lasts forever and nothing can change that. Anyway, as people get older their looks change, personality is what is most important.x

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