How to properly use (Nivea) Body Milk (Lotion for Bath)?

When I am in bath tub-After using the regular shower gel, there is usually water upto half depth in the bathtub, water is soothing, I dont want to get up again for using the body milk lotion, I have had this probelm for quite some time.. Suggestions about how it is usually supposed to used?


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  • You rub it in your skin after you get out of the bath, it has nothing to do with the water

    • Feels a bit sticky and a little hot if I rub it, hence I wash it off again after 3-4 min.

      I always knew Im not using it right, Thanks!

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    • Just depends how your skin feels... I use it everyday but if my skin started to feel oily I'd stop for a few days

    • Understood! Thank you, teacher 😊

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