Could someone please explain how black woman hair works?

I have heard so many things like their hair is always going to fall out and is fragile so they get extensions, wear wigs, get it treated, I see black woman with short, fluffy hair, big fluffy hair, curls, straight. In some cases, I can not be convinced that the straight hair is not all their own. And then, if it is fluffy, how do they get it to do braids? And then black guys have these hair pick things... Could someone please explain? FYI, I think black girls with straight hair are so cute.


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  • Whooo boy you don't even wanna get us started on our hair! We will be here all night

    • Just explain yours then... :D

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    • Ok, thank you. That makes a lot of sense. I know it was an unusual question, but I have always wondered.

    • Nah it's alright. I'm happy to share. It's nice knowing people take an interest in our hair

  • When we treat our hair it becomes very fragile, I'm talking perms, relaxers, etc. I relaxed my hair during my freshman year of high school and then let my natural hair grow out because it made my hair thin and fragile and I didn't like it. I've heard that because of our natural kinky curl pattern our hair is really good at holding plaits. From personal experience my hair could look newly plaited up to 2 weeks after it's been braided and that's throughout full shampoo/ conditioning etc. and that's my natural hair, not even extensions or anything. As long as we moisturize, detangle, and trim our ends; our hair can do just about anything tbh. I can flat iron my hair so that it's bone straight and mid back length or I can do a wash and go and have knape of the neck length coils. I've recently started looking into box braids etc. There are also so many different hair types from person to person, or even on the same head. What works for some may not work for others.

  • Wait I know I don't wear wigs!😂


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