Why guys who cannot grow a beard/body hair don't consider themselves lucky?

I really don't get it. I wish I was like them. Now that is summer I have to shave my arm, leg and chest hair every day in order to look nice, because I wear shorts and t-shirts unlike in winter. As for the beard, I shave my facial hairy every morning both in winter and in the summer.

It's really boring, and a loss of time and money... you don't buy razors and shaving foams for free you know.

If they only knew how lucky they are... oh and let's not forget the cuts. No matter how many years you will shave, you'll still get a few cuts here and there.


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  • Are you kidding? If I was a man I would grow the biggest manliest beard ever!
    Anyway I guess it's because they don't want to be in their twenties and look like a kid.


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  • Everyone wants what they can't have, I personally am trying to grow a majestic beard because I think they are awesome, Looking at it scientifically men with more facial/body hair have a higher testosterone levels thus meaning they are manlier than our hairless counterparts, Some women find hair attractive and some don't, But men will be men and boys will never be men.

    • Beard at 15? Impossible unless you suffer from lycanthropia or some weird disease like that. Also you would have body hair everywhere. Guess you'd not want that.

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    • Oh just noticed your location. No offence but I believe Middle-Eastern people tend to be hairier in general. Makes sense now.

    • None taken my friend, I am only of Arabic origin other than that I was raised in California 😅😅

  • That is an unusual but logic opinion. Mostly lack of facial hair is looked at as bad because of the popularity of a full facial hair. Otherwise, I can say it from my own experience, that it really is nice to have to shave only couple of times a week.


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  • They're lucky because they can join the military and forget to shave and they'll never get a counseling for having a few hairs

    • Among all, your first thought was the... military? Jesus... either the world is weird, or it's me who's the weird one.

    • When you're in the military, not having to shave is relatable to every guy that's in it

    • OK but I was talking about appearance. I can relate though, because I can never go out if I'm not clean-shaven. I'd feel weird.

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