I have really thin, blonde hair , and I HATE it !

I use hair extensions, the clip in ones to make my hair thicker.

People can't even tell. But I can't sleep with them in, they might show if I don't put them in properly, and if you touch my head you can feel them !

What should I do?


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  • For thick and healthy hair, you need to have an intake of a healthy and balanced diet. Try taking a balanced diet that contains nutritious food and don’t skip meals. Make sure your diet contains enough proteins and include fresh vegetables, eggs, fruits and nuts.

    Take a multi-vitamin every day. More often than not, it so happens that our body is not able to get the desired vitamins on a daily basis. A good multi vitamin that provides essential vitamins for overall development should suffice.

    Don’t wash your hair daily as it leads to breakage of hair and weakening of the roots. If you have extremely oily hair, consider washing on alternate days and minimize the use of shampoo. If the scalp is too dry, it leads to hair thinning as the naturally produced oil is essential for the hair to grow.

    Avoid brushing or combing your hair when it is wet. The more hair breaks, the less it is thickness. Let it dry naturally and untangle with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to get rid off the stubborn tangles and then comb gently.

    Massage definitely works and gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips for 10 minutes daily will ensure your hair grows thicker. This is due to the fact that massaging will promote increased blood circulation in the head that will lead to healthier and faster growth.

    Don’t treat your hair to harsh chemicals like hair color or perms and straightening solutions. This tends to deteriorate the quality of hair and makes it all the more weak and thin. So be happy with your natural hair and try to make it healthy for that gorgeous shine!

    Also layers make you look like you have more hair.


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  • were you born with that thin hair? or was it thicker in the past?

    btw, nothing wrong with fake hairs, fake eyes, fake heads,... etc, anything but botox, and anything but trashy and sparkly, it's just not classy. Do you know dolly parton? I don't know if she is natural or not, but she looks like she's been made in a biscuits factory, just don't try to look like her and you'll be fine.

    • No my hair was thicker in the past..

      lol thanks for the comment !

    • Yer welcome, and I'm just imagining a white cute wig (like lady gaga) why don't you try such a thing on the weekends? lol

      let it be a way you express yourself through if you want, and you can always enhance your hair's volume, try minoxidil 2.5% (ask your GP first), and be happy :D

  • Most blonds have naturally thinner hair. It seems to get a little thinner over time.

    What's the big deal? I never ever said "I don't like her she has thin hair"

    Wear the extensions if you like, if not live with it.

    Who is touching your head besides your guy?


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  • I wear clip ins to as I have the same problem. When I went on a date the other week the guy was complimenting my hair and I just told him it wasn't my own as I didn't want him to kiss me and touch my head or anything and be freaked out. He just said it looked nice and you couldn't tell at all.

    But as I am dating and I want to be able to sleep with extensions in. So I am going to get them weaved in. This doesn't harm your hair like the bonded extensions do so maybe you could try that.

    • How much would that cost though ?

    • It totally depends on who does it for you. I am buying my hair from the internet: it will need to be good quality to make it worth having stitched in, try remi goddess sensationnel. Then I have found a mobile extensionist who is coming to my house and will stich it in for ?15 a row. (you need about 4 rows in all)

      When it begins to grow out and you need it re doing you can just re use the same hair again.

      Most salons will be a little more pricey so shop around in your area!