Hello Kitty debate?

Okay I'm not understanding the obsession with hello kitty yes the character is very cute but why is it that the scene girls with the skinny jeans and hair extensions are all obsessed with this character they all feel the need to promote hello kitty I mean I thought blue clues was cute when I was little but I'm not wearing him on a shirt lol .


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  • They like to wear hello kitty stuff, big whoop. I still have a Disney shirt and I gave up in that a few years back. Who cares what others dress like. Do the scene kids judge you based on what you wear? Probably not. So why should you? If you really want to know, hello kitty is over at hot topic because it is different and most people aren't wearing hello kitty when they are in high school. The people probably saw it and decided they liked how it looked. Then decided to get it.

  • Gah! Damn scene kids. They SUCK!


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