Is it weird if a girl just randomly looked at you and smiled?

I like this guy but I don't know if I should smile at him

because I'm always so scared to look at him and what if he catches me looking?

should I smile? would that be weird?



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  • It is definitely not weird to smile at a guy.

    Yes, it MIGHT give him a clue that you like him, but that's what you want, right? It's not weird at all...people smile at each other all the time just to be friendly.

    What would be weird is if you went out of your way to avoid looking at him, because you're paranoid about him seeing you look at him. Not that this isn't common, but it screws with our brains a lot more than if you're straight-forward.

    And if you don't smile at him, he might even start thinking that you don't like him!

    Keep in mind that guys tend to be more dense than girls, so he may not notice anything that you're worried about.

  • Meh. Smiling is alright, but do you want to know what would really get his attention? If he catches you looking, just meet his gaze, and give him a quick, playful wink. Not only does meeting his gaze set you apart and categorize you as a challenge (being a challenge is a good thing, trust me), but the wink will make both of you laugh and will instantly give you something to talk about.


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