Skinny Guy Style Suggestions?

So I've tried embracing my naturally slim physique by wearing slimmer jeans/clothes.
What do you think?
Mistake? looks good?
Any tips suggestions?Skinny Guy Style Suggestions??Skinny Guy Style Suggestions??Skinny Guy Style Suggestions??


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  • Looks good! I like the first and last jeans the best. As long as you wear jeans that compliment your body it should always look nice


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  • are you trying to get bigger?

    the opening of your question seems like you're just saying fuck it this is what I am

    • Pretty much lol
      I've tried weight lifting but I'm a little anemic so I have a hard time in the gym.

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    • I'd consult with a professional if you can get free consultation and are serious. you gotta eat clean and eat and lift and eat and eat lol.

    • True, I'd go all out if I could (still on that part time money)

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  • None of these show off your penis. You need skinnier.


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