Wearing a Swimsuit at a Nude Beach?

I went to a nude beach for the first time today. There were a good number of middle aged folks and some older ones as well but not many.

it was about 2/3's middle aged but most were in decent shape or good shape. About a 1/4 younger people and 10% older.

nearly all the males there were naked. It seemed like the men there who had their suits on were just there to look, kinda creepers. I'd say about half of the women there had their swimsuits on. A lot of the younger women kept their swimsuits on; which was cool.

Would you you consider going knowing what the population make up looks like? Assuming other nude beaches are similar (which I don't know if is the case...)
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Just trying to bump this up. Am curious to people's opinions
Anybody else...


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd go nude, it's a nude beach after all.

    • I think that's the thing to do their, in my opinion... It's not like you can do that most places

    • totally. why not?

    • That's my thought as well

Most Helpful Guy

  • so a little back ground, my wife grew up with parents that would go to these beaches and as a result of that she is very happy with her body and dosent mind going to a nudist beach, me on the other hand didn't and feel very uncomfortable.

    so we were on holiday in futerventura and the guid said that one of the beaches on the other side of the island was one of teh top ten beaches in teh world, so we decided to hire a car and go explore for the day, when we got there i noticed that they had nearly every euorpean flag beyond the British flag, so i was very quesious as to why. when we started walking down the path to the beach it all looked normal and not really a top ten beach in my mind. once on the ebach i started to notice that not many people had cloths on and we were like the only ones wearing cloths. so i was ok with that, but the more you walk away from the entrance the more i started to notice that they were becoming very much exabishonists and thats when i started to feel very uncomforatble, as there was some old guy standing there hands behind his head just looking out but blatently showing off his member then the next lady was lying there with her knees up and legs spread, and so it went on. so i asked my wife if we could leave and go some where else.

    all i can say is that i guess there must have been a girls vollyball competition on when the judge came and rated this beach as i have seen far better haha

    but to answer your question no i wouldn't go to one if i could help it and no sure i would go naked either as i feel that, that is something you and your partner do in private. so if i have a secluded garden and no one could see me and i have a pool and a hot tub then different story


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  • I've gone to nude beaches before and went nude of course. It's such a freeing feeling being nude under the sun with a light breeze.

  • You wouldn't catch me dead there.

  • Probably go nude after getting there but were you nude there or not?

    • I went nude

    • Oh ok , you never really said what you did in the post

    • Sorry, my bad

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