Girls under 25 who wear these, what's your first thought/thing you prepare to do?

If you're one of these girls under 25 who wears black leggings and has had guys try to run game on you by ignoring it and not looking dow so their jaw won't drop and they can run game on you, what's the very first thing you think or prepare to do as soon as a player approaches to try it on you and you face off?
  • I don't wear em/I do, but am not under 25/I do but haven't had a player try that on me when I'm in em
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  • I do and have. Wonder if I've put on enough weight so he can't ignore it and that jaw drops hard when he looks down
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  • I do and have. Wonder if it's gonna be my booty or upper legs that he looks at , forcing his jaw to drop down hard
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  • I do&have. Wonder if I'll have to push my hip out&prop my hand on my hip so he looks down, if he ignores it at first
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  • I do&I have. I do&I have. I'm GOING to stick out my hip, hand on my hip. I wonder if I'll have to tilt my head, flirty faced right at him also
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  • I do&I have. Remind myself to look poker faced, right at him so he's forced to look down when he can't break through it
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  • I do&I have. Something else not even close to 1 of these
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  • This question is so freaking hard to follow 😂 What's with all the slang?
    Anyway, over 25, I do wear leggings and don't care if guys check out below my waist as long as they don't touch it


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