Does a woman's face describe her inner hotness?

Here in the eastern part of the world, in some of the expert's opinion; everyone has not equal sexual desires but one can find it from a woman's face, especially through her visible cheek bone and the increasingly outer shape of her small mouth.


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  • lyric comes to mind when you asked this

    You were so beautiful to look upon

    I can see the light in your smile

    Your eyes were the windows, into your soul

    Your body was Heavenly, just like the Sky

    Until, all your good looks betray you, which ain't much

    Counted on your, count of the smiles are too long

    Your eyes are empty windows broken

    The body maybe here but the soul is gone

    this is after what she did to him of course. so take it for what its worth.

    btw. the song is called "tears in a vial" by megadeth

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