What kind of face do I have wtf?

Im 17 years old and a lot of girls from my school see me as the hottest guy in the school. A lot of them have been hitting on me and stuff. I have never had problems with getting girls. But at the same time i dont get one thing. As i said im 17 years old but a lot of people say that look like a 14 or 15 years old. I personally hate my side face looks. If i see a picture with my side face i almost get a heart attack. I really look like a baby or something. And if i take selfies i only take them from front beacause i only like the front side of my face. How does it works that girls call me ''hot'' but at the same time i have a babyface and as i know, babyfaced guys usually dont have the ability of ''being hot''. Babyfaced guys are usually cute. WTF?


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  • no pic.


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