Guys, have you ever had a rat tail and if so, what was oldest age you kept it at?

I would love to see the rat tail hair style come back.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Regrowing mine after serving my years in the military.

    Back then I was 17, and it was down to my lower waist.

    I miss the thing.

    Currently, it has reach my upper back, again ! 😘

  • i have never had one a friend of mine had one he kept till he was 48 49. when he cut it for his soon to be wife it was a wedding present

  • What's a rat tail? I haven't cut my hair or even trimmed it in 19 years and probably never will.

    • and he eats 70's bush

    • @Hivull Hell yeah. If I wanted a bald one I'd camp the local elementary school and pick up a 10yo. I'll pass, bald ones are as pretty as shaved house cats.

    • I'm not arguing, I completely agree, I just got a kick out of your name.

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