What to do wear being a "bigger" girl?

Something I'm wanting more of is a better self body image of myself. Since having my second child about a year ago, its changed my outlook on my body. So one of my goals is to dress to flatter my body shape. The pant size I'm in is 20. A lot of the pants in the size don't look on me. I've got a small flat butt. The pants are just saggy on my ass. I'm looking to accentuate my ass and make it look bigger. I heard that having small pockets in the back helps with that. I've got a big belly , wide hips and I'm 5'6, 230 lbs. What are plus size clothing tips you know of that helps with flattering a bigger girl. Thanks,


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  • Good fitting pants are probably one the hardest thing to find as a plus-size woman. When they make them, they tend to think that all big girls have a large ass, or large hips/thighs. When I was plus-size, that was my biggest problem. I am smaller in the hips/thighs but a large tummy, so most pants seemed to have "wings" on the hips where I didn't fill them out. I've noticed that a lot of stores are starting to carry different "fits" of pants (i.e. designed for other large hips/thighs or small hips/thighs, etc.), which helps a bit, but its still not perfect. If I were you, I would try a pant fit that smaller hips/thighs (because they're less likely to be made for a large butt), and choose one that has stretch in it, because hopefully it will cling more to your body where you need it to.

    I worked in a plus-size clothing store and the biggest fashion mistakes I saw were:

    1. Wearing baggy clothes to try to hide the fact that you're big. Baggy clothes make you look bigger, instead, wear your correct size and choose something that shows off your natural curves (i.e. a dress or top with an empire waist, a belt worn around the waist to accentuate your waist-line, a tailored jacket that softly skims your curves, etc.).

    2. Disproportionate patterns. Patterns can be tricky to pull off. The trick is to choose a pattern that is proportionate to your size. Larger patterns for larger women, smaller patterns for smaller women.

    3. Tapered pants when you're wide in the middle - tends to give you an ice cream cone look.


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  • Clothes from Lane Bryant.


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  • Well if you have a small bum, I would assume you have nice legs too.. So I would suggest something flowy on the top, a nice A line shirt.. fit on your chest and flow out over your belly and bum, then you can wear a nice pair of capris tights or shorts underneath. Also if your small underneath your bust line, try wearing a belt underneath your chest (high waisted style)

    What kind of tops do you usually wear?

    • I wear tight stretchy tops that have some little bit nonclingy material at the bottom. It looks good on me because I'm bigger in the boobs.

  • You probably want to focus on wearing dresses

    wrap dresses

    babydoll tops

    a line tops and dresses

    dark colors on top, lighter colors on bottom

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