Nail polish or no nail polish?

i love doing nails always have always will. only thing is i hate having my own done. and i domt mean gettin fake nails i mean like nail polish and designs. a lot of the time i won't habe my finger nails done because one of my biggest pet peeves is chipped nail polish. my toes on the other hand are always done. so do you guys think its nicer when a girl has her nails done as opposed to the natural look?Nail polish or no nail polish??


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  • I'm indifferent to it usually. Don't really care. I'm kind of "impressed" when I see a girl without it (natural) and like it, but, I've got nothing against it either. Sometimes with various colors/designs I think wtf? lol. But I don't focus on it as women like to experiment with things like that it seems.


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  • Both is pretty

  • my nails are peeling off so i dont do it for years


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