Girls, is it bad if my curly hair looks frizzy?

Not sure how many girls are familiar with curly hair, but on days that it's not that humid out my hair doesn't curl as well and it gets a little frizzy. Luckily it's nice and humid here most times. Also it helps if I keep it shorter. Once it gets around 2'' long (me pulling it straight) it starts to get worse.

Anyways, what's your opinion girls, do you think a guy looks like he doesn't take care of himself if he has frizzy hair?


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  • Start looking for products that work for tour hair so the frizz is not a problem.

  • I get frizzy straight hair. I got nothing but sympathy. I don't have time and money to do my hair perfect every day, and I don't expect other people to either. Frizz happens.

    • Everyone tells me to grow my hair out, but it looks like shit and is all over the place.

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