Acne scar that hasn't gone away in 2 months?

Around 2 months ago I had a really big pimple a bit above the tip of my nose, right on the bridge. It was an internal pimple, the ones that hurt like hell. I was stubborn enough to know I should not pop these types of pimples, yet my obsessive personality got the better of me and I tried to pop it, resulting in pain and no improvement at all. After that I let the pimple be (it was so big it looked like a hill on a sideways view of my face) until it left. Unfortunately, I think I might have removed a bit of my skin in the process and when the pimple started decreasing and drying, the scar process began and a patch of dark, hard skin replaced it (the scar). There are not too uncommon so I just waited it off. It fell off and left me with a smoother (yet still dark) surface on my nose, and now it's a brownish-red dot (with an indent) on the bridge of my nose. I've had this for over 2 months and I'm afraid it will not go away? I've tried creams, exfoliation, and even natural aloa vera. Nothing works! I know people say it's normal and such, I wouldn't mind having it on my cheeck or something, but it just bothers me so much, especially having it on one of the most noticeable regions on my face.
Do you guys know of any home-made remedies that may make the scar go away? I live in a 3rd world country and it's really hard (and expensive) to find medicine here so what you'll recommend will probably not be available.. (But if you still have a medicine name, please say so! I may be in luck)

Thank you for taking your time in reading this!


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  • After washing face apply aleovera gel on your face and keep it overnight. It works for me.

    • I've tried aloe vera for a couple of days and no results! :( i'll continue with it if that's what it takes to get it rid of the scar, though. Thank you!

    • Couple of days is not sufficient. Acne scars sometimes take 6months to go or even more. You can get rid of pimples in weeks but not scars. Its very slow process which requires proper attention, time and effort. I had lot of pimples on face. Washing face with charcoal facewash thrice a day and applying aleo gel overnight after washing face works for me. I have tried lot of Internet solutions but that solutions just made scars worst. You can also apply gel in daytime. Also you should massage ice wrap in *clean* cloth on face. This will help to increase your blood circulation and heal your acne scar fast. And drink lots of water. And be patient don't touch your face and also keep your hair away from face. Herbal remedies takes time but they do works.

    • Wow, thank you so much for the detailed recommendations! I'll definitely try out every single piece of advice, plus I had never thought about the cold compression on my face to increase blood circulation. Again, thank you!

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  • Go to Walgreens and by Merderma. A bit expensive but it's good. Try it.

    • There are no Walgreens in my country, would you know of any alternatives to Merderma? I saw someone else recommend it, so it must be good.

    • Sorry it's Mederna. And I don't know any alternatives.

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  • Be glad it's only one scar, I have one burn from boiling water on my face and it's a big dark burn and a bunch of acne scars. Merderma works to bleach and lighten scars, I used it before, never wash your face with cold water with mederma on it or it will break you out like me, wash it with warm water, because it's like a bleach product.

    • I'm so sorry about the burn, I hope there's a way of aleviating the mark! :( People have been recommending Merderma but arghhh my country does not have that ointment (it's rare to find medicine where I live), I guess I'll have to find out any alternatives of components to that cream.

  • I'm 23 and still deal with acne problems.

    Try moisturizing every night. Exfoliating the area.

    Google some homemade masks you and whipped up!

  • Vaseline overnight works well for me :)


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