Help... Faceproblems?

Gona be honest, im not the best of skincare.. Being honest here. Anyways. I have this wart on my face. Whats a homemade recipe or something without going to doctors to get rid of wart or what i call it riceeye. It looks like a rice + Its so tiny. And the fact that its on my eye so i have to be careful. Help. Please :)


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  • not sure of one but you can get the freeze gun from a chimisty that may get it off

  • I would have to see it before I can tell you about what to do for removal, there's different types of warts and therefore different treatment

    • The best way i can properly explain. Is that is looks like a rice. Now picture a rice on my eye. Except wart if that makes sense?

    • yes, it's probably a genetic abnormality and not a viral or bacterial, a good Dr should be able to remove it in one office visit without any scarring

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