What can I do if I'm shy of presenting something in front of all the class?

I really need help because I have to present something in front of all the class for social studies and I feel so shy of talking in front of all the boys and girls there


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  • yeah don't imagine people in there underwear.l one its creepy and two the kid who you would rather not see without clothes will be in the front row.

    relax and don't look at the faces, look at foreheads because then it looks like you are keeping eye contact but you aren't so you won't get any mre nervous. focus on what you need to say instead of what you have said. what's done is done. practice what you have to say until you don't need the paper any more but still follow along and the paper just in case

    you will do fine because its just the nervousness that makes you mess up and be bad.

    hope this helps

  • Just stay calm, take a deep breath and clear your head. Remember that no one in the room is better than you and they are probably just as terrified as you are of speaking. Make a joke and stay lighthearted. If you want to hear the standard, picture them all naked. Seriously it works. I give speeches in front of my fellow managers at work all the time and at first I was nervous but now I have fun with it and try to keep the room laughing. If nothing else, just be confident :)


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