I desperately want to be a model, but I don't know if I have what it takes and don't know the right people to contact. Any suggestions?


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  • what kind of model?

    a lot of people say they wanna be a model and they never specify. there are different kinds of modeling jobs out there.

    • Well I'm petite so a petite model, but I'd like to do fashion

    • without connections, start contacting ad agencies online. have a photo set ready to provide, stats, etc.

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  • You have to be tall enough, first off. And you have to photograph well. Have a friend help you practice posing and find your best angles (google or look up videos on this). There are scouts always out there looking for talent/fresh faces, but they're usu always in larger cities. If you search online, look up your nearest (large) city and see if/when an agency will be holding an open casting-call/auditions. (And be wary of places asking you to pay expen$ive fees just to take photos of you. They are typically not legit.)


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  • unless you are petite and young they want touch you unfortunately, plus even if you get in its a cute throat business

    • I'm 20🙄 and I'm petite

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    • I live in a small place so I haven't found anything. I've been tryna get scouted through my Instagram page but no luck yet

    • maybe look up a near by agency like nearist city and email some good shots of yourself to them or apply online

  • First of all you need focus on your looks and your body because models h3a really great face and body
    Than when you have improved your looks get a portfolio of your done
    Than send your portfolio to different modelling agencies
    You can get their mail ids on net
    If you are lucky and worthy enough you will get a response from them
    by the way can i see your Instagram page

  • I'm sure you are beautiful, but honestly, modeling is all about who you know and who they want. It's an extremely hard field to get into

    • I know it's extremely hard but lots of people have encouraged me to go for it and it's been a life long dream of mine

    • Ok, let me use an example from my own life. I competitively lifted. I was really good. I squatted 650 lbs at 90, not many can do that. My friends tried to get me to try out for the Olympics, I wanted to but my girlfriend at the time didn't want me to go; she saw the toll it was taking on my body.

      I realize this fact a few years later that it indeed was bad for me. I would have blown out my back and my knees.

      The moral is is that dreams, even if they're achieveable, can be bad for you.

      Even if you can achieve it in there, the whole modeling and fashion world is morally corrupt and will drag you down with them. The industry causes girls to eat little and throw up what they do to try and achieve what the industry demands.

      In the end: if you're religious, pray about it. If you believe your god (s) pave the way, go for it. If not, then choose what you think is best.
      Please just be careful

  • go for it. and i don't think age has anything to do with it

    • But I don't know who to get in touch with in order to become one

    • check the internet. it's fill of Infor these days

  • How tall are you?

    • I'm 5ft 2

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    • I can do petite modelling though

    • You know what petite modelling means at real agencies?

      5'6" or so. And that's rare. Most real agencies don't sign people under 5'8". -anyone-.

      My daughter has already been approached about modelling. Why? She's 5'10" and like 105 lbs.

      That's what they're looking for. You might be -gorgeous- but that's actually NOT the primary criteria for modelling.

      by the way we didn't let my daughter do it.

      It's like... the shittiest industry.

      Oh you're already old to start by the way.

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  • Do a google search or check wiki/how to become a model. There's so much information on the different types of modelling work and how to look for agencies, etc.

    • The problem is I live in a small place so there isn't much around, and the big agencies are hard to get in contact with. I just need a starting base

    • Then you'll have to move in order to get in contact with agencies. If you still want to model. There are definitely some steps you should take before you even approach an agency so that could give you some time to figure it out.

  • I tried being a model but people on here tell me I am too fat and too ugly. Even my old friends told me I was too fat and hideous to even be considered to be a model. You are lucky. :3

  • 30-35 is pretty old for a model.

    • I'm 20 lol

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    • Hahaha 20 is not old😂😂😂 what are you crazy

    • In modeling it is though :/

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