Should I get my long hair cut? wich style?

I have had long hair since freshman year and my sister says I should get it cut. But I kinda like it since I have had it for so long I've grown to have it. But now I'm thinking of cutting it because sometimes change is good. But I just want some people opinions on what style is good because I have no experience with hair or should I even cut it. though the only style I won't do really are buzz cuts. Thanks for reading and please give opinions on the subject pics are in the profile.


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  • hmm well I don't actually know much about hair to be honest which is ironic seeing as my mum is a hiardresser and I am a girl lol...but I think you would look good with shorter hair, deffinately. :) sorry I can't really give you more info on styles or so crap lol but yes shorter hair = good for you :)


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