Would you prefer your so to be bald, or have more hair than you?

I have grew up in a house with 4 women, 1 passed away so its 3 now.

I have always had more hair then all of them.. Probably combined.
They always put things in their hair I just kept mine in a manly hairdo/ ponytail & washed it.
That's why mine is longer. .
Plus when I was little my mom cut my hair so I had to start over and it still ended up being longer.
Anyway they have always been jealous of my hair... They still are lol but they're not putting as much in their hair as they used to so its growing..

My hair still longer though 😏
I know they'd prefer for me to be bald lol
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  • The first.


What Guys Said 1

  • More hair on their head.
    Less hair on their body.


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