Deserving spa day for mother who has let herself go?

Mothers day coming up.
My mum is coming up on 50 years, been through a bit.
She has let herself go, in that her beauty standards have unfortunately dropped.
Need to send her to a day spa. She's always wanted to go, but I need to know of details for a place that will help her feel beautiful again. A place that can basically give her a make over, fix up her hair, remove some facial hair that I never tell her about, give her a facial treatment, etc.
Living in Sydney - is there a place?


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  • I'm not familiar with Sydney but I'm sure you can fund a nice hotel/resort that has an all inclusive spa. This is a lovely gesture :)


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  • I found this top 10 list of quite amazing-looking spa's:

    The downside is that those are quite expensive. Here is a list of spa's which should be more reasonable:

    As for what exactly to get her, I think it is best to get her something like a gift coupon/card with which she can pick and choose her own things. Or perhaps a predetermined full Spa day. I recommend contacting a spa that looks good to you and explaining the situation. I think it is awesome you are doing this for your mother and I am sure most would agree. The people from the spa likely have some good suggestions for you.


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