Thickening hair methods? Hair care?

What are some methods to thicken your hair?

I never cut my hair, is this necessarily a bad thing? I don't trust anyone to touch it.

Hair care products/shampoo for dryness?

How do you ladies take care of your hair?


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  • Use natural hair products without alcohol or harsh chemicals and eat healthy. You can start using oils, and the best to thiken your hair is Castor oil. Try making some masks with Ginger, or onion juice (it may sound gross but I swear it works!). Massage your scalp. And last but not least try making apple cider vinegar rinse. This is what I did. I hope that I have been useful to you😄


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  • Your hair is dry because you don't cut off the ends. Hair naturally becomes damaged that's why you cut off the damaged ends.

    You hair is only going to be as thick as your genetics allow. The best thing to do is have a hairdresser cut of the old damaged parts and see what you have left to work with. Then you can go to the doctor if you're still not happy.

  • Henna.


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