Which dress looks best?

Which dress looks best?

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  • Neither one is really flattering.
    Young ladies should cover up more. And no, I'm not talking a burka.

    You can't bend over in the white one without flashing butt and expect your date to talk to your chest all night with the other one.

    • Instead of blaming women ask why the guy has no self control.. also maybe she is really clever and will weed out guys who only want her body. Of course it's her choice.

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    • @hahahmm
      And why are you obsessing over my opinion?

      She asked for opinions; I gave her one. I think it's her dresses that are outside the line and I let her know. I believe I did her a service. Apparently you don't. I can live with that.

      She's not my daughter or child, but unfortunately her own father is unable or unwilling to direct her. Her date, the guy probably looking down her dress, isn't going to complain, so I did.
      Seems to me, SOMEONE should address the issue.

      If a guy asked, "Is it OK for me to look down this girl's dress?" I'd say "No, it is NOT OK!"
      So, I don't hold back male or female. That should satisfy you, but it probably won't.

      I thought i pretty much addressed the Taliban thing by saying, "no, I'm not talking a burka."
      Again, a woman can look like a woman without showing so much.

      If she were topless, would that be acceptable to you?
      Probably not.
      So, your "line" is just in a different place than mine.

    • Thanks for the laugh.

Most Helpful Girl

  • The white, definitely. The blue looks ill fitting on her.


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