What is it that a girl truly looks for in a guy?

What is it that women truly want from a man in a long term relationship? What makes one man better than another? What things should a man make sure he does to be a good boyfriend or husband?


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  • Compatability - you need to 'click' with each other and really get on well like have similar interests, values and personalities.

    A sense of humor and the ability to make her smile and laugh.

    Showing her she is the only woman/girl you want. Women can be really insecure..i'm deffinately one of these girls. I am so self conciouse about my physical appearance. So when you compliment on the way she looks this makes her happy. Also I love it when my boyfriend looks at me admiringly...it makes me feel special and beautiful like he feels he's lucky to have me. Basically make her feel beautiful. Don't talk about how hot other girls are or anything, its a real confidence killer.

    ...theres loads more but I'm so tired lol. bed time I think! :)

    Hope this kind of helped though

    Faye x

    • Couldn't of said it better myself.

    • I agree with you two. A man needs to help build confidence for the girl and help her to feel amazing, and girls deserve to feel beautiful all the time. Love needs humor and a couple definitely needs to click.

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  • You have to know when to hold them & when to fold them . . . In other words COMPROMISE. There is no such thing as a perfect person , but you CAN be perfect for someone and I think a man should understand that. I think what really separates the MEN from the boys is that a man knows it's not enough to like a woman you have to RESPECT her. I want a great deal , but these things mean more.

    • I totally agree with you. Respect and compromise are exceedingly important and are necessary things that men need to keep in mind.

  • well for me the old saying stands true "Honesty is the best policy" all I ask for in guys is that they keep it 100% and I will do the same.


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  • if any girl thinks confidence

    they needed to read what Time says here about it, how all guys will have it given the a chance to gain it from you.


  • whatever it is, they certainly expect more from us guys than we guys expect from girls, like a way lot more

  • the movie "The Ugly Truth" definetley explains it

  • E) Again, most importantly of all, BE YOURSELF. I have to be careful with this one. If you LOVE playing video games all day, or talking to your buds about how hot Megan Fox is, this is YOURSELF, sure, but this isn't really the you that you want to be showing the ladies. Don't LIE and pretend you're different, but just show them different sides of you. Think of yourself like a puzzle piece. A puzzle piece has different sides that fit different things but they're ALL part of the whole, they're all still the puzzle piece, none of the sides are lies. But certain sides of the puzzle piece will fit with different things better than others.

    You show certain sides of yourself to your guy buddies, and certain sides of yourself to your family, certain sides to your teachers/bosses, and certain sides to the ladies. NONE of those sides should be lies, but they should all be different sides of you. Still YOU, but just focusing on certain parts.

    SO, BE YOURSELF, BUTTT! Keep in mind your audience. For example, It's okay to tell the ladies you enjoy video games, don't hide it, be proud of who you are. Most girls know that most guys like video games. But don't make it the only thing you talk about, obviously, unless you happen to find a girl who loves it as much as you do (good luck).

    Lastly about being yourself: Yourself changes through time. Strive to be your best self. Go out there, develop, learn, experience, and grow into the person you want to become. My advice on that: Be a good guy. Don't be a materialistic punk, don't try to act like the douches on MTV or the jackasses who appear to get all the women. They're mostly morons. Just do what you believe is right.

    • Without a doubt, girls do expect a lot more out us guys than we guys expect from them, in a way I don't blame them, because since they have more to lose, they can get pregnant and us guys can walk away, so instinctively, they want to settle down right away and are looking for a potential husband/father for their potential children

  • C) Goes with B. Confidence. Being positive shows Confidence. Being sad, mopey, or angry, shows insecurity, or your inability to cope with life. A girl doesn't want a guy who is unable to cope with life. They want a guy who is on top of their game, and is confident in themselves to a point where they're in a good mood and positive most the time. Don't be 'inhuman', and be in a Perfect Happy Smile Everything's Terrific ! mood all the time, because people can see fakeness, but, try to keep it positive as much as you can.

    **Side note: Showing confidence can be a difficult, complicated thing until you've really established that you truly are super confident in yourself. You wouldn't believe all the little things that show people that you are insecure. For example, and I know this because I used to do the same thing: You have quite a few pictures on your MySpace of you taking a picture of yourself smiling at the camera. This shows that you are concerned with the way you look too much, which is a sign of insecurity. Typically the kinda pictures girls want to see are you having fun with your friends, etc. I'd limit you pictures to one "MySpace picture" as I call them (the taking pictures of self). This is just one example of the many things that could be letting the girls know you have insecurities without you realizing it. Don't worry, WE ALL have insecurities, the trick is to keep them to ourselves.

    D) Be interesting. This has to be earned, it's not something you're born with. You have to get out there, do some work, make some sacrifice... Learn that second language, or third. Learn to salsa, or tango, or something. If you're like me, and you're not coordinated enough for that sorta thing (lol), just find hobbies, do exciting, interesting things, something that gives you depth and knowledge. Even if you just know a lot about stuff, like, psychology, is a good one. If you can read people, and guess how they are, or even get sneaky and learn palm reading, or horoscopes, people think that stuff is interesting (as long as you don't wear it out). Find something that interests YOU, pursue it, get good at it, know about it, be an expert. Experts are interesting. Course be careful, an expert of Grand Theft Auto may not be as interesting to women as a Marine Ecology Expert, if you know what I mean. Be wary of your audience.

    • I copied and pasted that from one of my friends advice, seriously, in a lot ways, girls do have it easier, if a girl is very hot or cute, pretty, that's all they need to attract a guy, they have be bratty or boring, have no life, mope around a lot on how they hate their single life, but guys still still accept her. Confidence is an extremely hard thing to fake.

    • Like a girl can have a boring personality, have no life, not be confident, but if she is very hot, guys will still like her. However, no matter how good-looking us guys can be, we have to be confident and have a life

  • Girls are attracted to success. Some girls like it because it means money. Some girls like it because it says a lot about the guy. You'll find the latter to be the better woman, but it's also okay for a girl to want the guy to be able to take care of her or her potential family. If you flaunt your money around like a douche, buy a Ferrari, and all that, the girl might think you're going to just have her as a " trophy wife." Make sure you're humble about your success, and be genuine, this will hopefully filter out the gold diggers.

    Strive to be a better man, all around, not for women, but for you. Confidence will naturally spring from this, and women are most attracted to confidence more than anything else.

    So, be successful, keep fit at the gym, eat healthy and be in good shape (you don't need to look like brad pitt, you just need to take care of yourself), and the most difficult of all:

    Be comfortable with yourself. This is the hardest part, because it takes practice, it takes going out and socializing, putting yourself out there in situations you're not comfortable with and getting shot down. But you have to realize it's all part of it. Most people out there are stupid, so the world will try to bring you down. But as long as you take the hits, rejections, and all that, knowing that all these people who are doing the rejecting or the negative things, they're most likely stupid, and who's to say who's better than who, or who deserves what, or who is worthy of who?

    Stay true to yourself, and figure out who you are... the rest will fall in place.

    Here's some tips for you my friend:

    A) Keep your cool. Girls, at least ones worth your time, aren't into guy's who get Angry, p*ssed, or constantly in a negative state of mind, like depressed, mopey, bitter, angry, etc. I noticed once you had a post that said something about breaking a boyfriend's neck. Sure way to scare the women away: they don't want to think of you as having a temper or being violent, for obvious reasons. Best thing to do is try to always steer your mind in positive ways, as to avoid being angry or sad. But if it just happens, and you just get angry or sad and you can't help it, do your best to keep it to yourself around the ladies, and find a guy friend to vent to (because you can't just bottle it up)

    B) Kind of in line with the last one: Be Positive. Try to avoid ever saying negative things... Ever. Just be a positive, easy going, happy go lucky guy. Girls dig that. Peoples emotions wear off on other people. If you say negative, sad, or angry things about things, it'll make the people around you feel the same way. People don't like to feel like that. Keep your head up, hope for the best, and try to see the best in people (even though I know it's hard, since most people are dumb).

    • "So my first advice to you, my friend, is strive for success. Find out what you want to do with your life, and do EVERYTHING you can to do it. A girl digs a guy who has dreams, ambitions, and the motivation and determination to reach them."

      Like I said, I don't blame them, but it is very hard, girls don't have to do that much work in order to get a guy, well okay maybe the make-up and clothes, polish part, but the verbal and emotional, mental part and social part.