He doesn't text back?

I'm not sounding desperate, it's just I can't ask him this straight up.

am I supposed to take this as a sign of non interest or just being busy?

i can back off I just want to know :l

i can't even text him to ask when he's coming over because he won't text back.

I asked him what he would prefer, relationship or a fling.

He said he doesn't know.

I like him a lot, I've known him for 6 months and he asked me out two days ago, we barely text now, I mean the night he asked me out it was so cute how we were talking, now, I barely get two worded texts. What could it mean? He's not a texter? Hasn't sunk in that were in a relationship? If it has to do with me leaving I say bye to hopefully get a reaction, and BAM he texts back saying bye. I'm like really? Couldn't have talked earlier?

I'm so confused, I don't want it too end bad. I'm trying to make it work, I even texted him this morning and asked if we were together because that's how un-relationship it felt. he said 'i think' :l


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  • he's busy but, no excuse if outside of a week, then he has no time for you in his life

    you should also figure out his communication style and tempo, how frequently and what method is he comfortable with


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  • My advice to you is to not text him at all. If he wants to talk, he'll text you. If he doesn't want to talk to you, he won't. Don't be too clingy, guys hate that.