Is it possible to have the wrong kind of attraction?

As in, you are attracted to an incompatible type of girl? Just a little about me, I'm a somewhat reserved guy with not a whole lot of experience socializing. I've seen on plenty of occasions where I'll be ignored because I'm not being loud or know what to say. This happened today, which is why I'm asking this. I went to the mall with my friend. We met up with his friend and her two friends. And just like I thought it would end up, I was the awkward 5th wheel because I didn't have anything to say. I actually wasn't that nervous, I was just quiet because like I said before, I'm not good at socializing and nothing seems to help it out.

While we were there, I saw plenty of girls that I thought were attractive. The thing with me is, that I like pretty girls...what guy doesn't? I know...but I can't help but sound shallow, I like the girls I find to be attractive and don't feel anything for girls that I don't. They also noticed me, I saw a lot looking at me. But it seems like they don't appreciate or understand quiet guys. Some of them seemed out of my league, even though I've been told that I'm an attractive guy and I think I'm good looking. I don't know what to do about being reserved. When I'm alone, I sometimes get lonely and when I'm out I sometimes get nervous, though I've improved on that some. That makes me think that I really do want to be social underneath everything which is why I'm getting nervous, because I'm putting on pressure to succeed at it.

To put it simple, the girls I like are attractive girls in a lot of guy's eyes. I realize that they are not all the same and that I'm probably shallow in my tastes, but do girls like that even give guys like me a chance?


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  • I am a girl with a very similar personality. It's really hard for me to socialize because I am quiet yet nervous. So to answer your question, it's highly likely that some of those girls whom you find attractive are also reserved. Not everyone is loud and outgoing.

  • you are my type.

    the strong silent confident guy.


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