Aloe Vera for Acne and even looking smooth Skin?

Any of y'all ever tried this? I'm planning on using it for 1 week N hoping for results
IT WORKS LITERALLY after one USE, I don't know If its because my skin is different from others... but DAAMMMNN I used warm water to wash it off my face tho, maybe that helps


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  • aloe vera does help with acne, but you won't see result after a week, after a week you can just say if it helps a little or make it worse, if nothing bad happens after a week keep trying it and after good month or so you should be able to really see a result

    • Lol I woke up this morning N it started to work :) I swear on my life...

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    • warm water opens your pore and I personally wash all off with warm water, dry my face and than wash it again with cold water, to close my pores

    • lmao same here xD

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  • try it! Aloe is an amazing thing! You will start to see results in 2 weeks ^_^

    • 2 weeks? ehhh iite I really hope it works

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    • lemons? lmao learn something enw everyday, Thank uuu

    • yeah lemons hahaha if You want to try you have to take lemon juice and apply it on your face and wash it off after 20 min. you'll see the differece.

  • You can try, it's really good for sunburn and after a shave... even as lube


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  • I mean, it's good for sunburns. tell me ur results :)


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