Why do people think im gay but not the acquaintance I knew?

People think im gay for whatever reasons I don't know

I think im pretty ugly
I lack emotional intelligence
I can't connect with others I just can't feel what they feel
I don't talk to anybody but my parents... Literally
I fake my emotions around others.. I can't get others you know?
I dress normal and always keep quiet and just mind my own

People still im gay even with those stats but I was around this guy who took care of his appearance more than a female... he always checked himself out in front of the mirror and would always buy a lot of gel and he would take more than an hour to get ready to go out

I mean the kid even let his hair grow out like a girl yet nobody suspects him


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  • Same here lol I don't know jealousy maybe were really good looking I don't know

  • People think you're gay because you act feminine.

    • How do you act feminine? I rarely talk & I walk normal

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