HELP ME with my hair extension situation people! Pay it forward, pay it forward. ;P ;) ?

I have a shortish mullet that I was blessed with after I decided to grow out my pixie cut. (GUYS-you aren't in the wrong place, keep reading, pls. Thank ya.)

So I want long hair. My boyfriend likes me (obviously) but he loves long hair. We are long distance and I want to surprise him when we comes to visit in a few months.

In short, I want hair extensions that won't be a.. err... hindrance to him holding my head if we are kissing. Right now I have this full head weave, and if he touched my head he would distinctly feel the braids and the hair extensions near my scalp.

TLDR; I was thinking of getting cornrows just on my scalp, and asking the hairdresser to tie in the extensions and then just letting the hair flow freely down my back. Does that make sense? How would I go about getting the right extensions for this and expressing this to the salon? How much do you think it will cost? Do you have any alternate suggestions or opinions?

Thank you!!! :D


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  • I'd go to a professional salon, tell them exactly your situation and what you want, then ask how much that'd cost, and how long it'd take.


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