I'm need advice how to handle people talking shi$ for my nose it's longer than whatever a normal nose is suppose to be?

So I'm pretty much in my 20s I've had a bigger nose my whole life I been teased made fun of and I've handled it my whole life... like it just gets old the other day I went to Starbucks with my girlfriend whose a really hot girl and one Of the guys there I heard him saying "I'm a real boy now "basically I caught him calling me pinichico. The cartoon crap.. I know it's not suppose to get to me cuz crap I've heard worse and it wasn't even original. I told my girlfriend about it later and she just tells me he was jealous of you you're tall and handsome and he's short and fat like I just want advice on how to not let things like this get to me and affect me.. I'd love a guys opinion it seems like whenever I'm with my girlfriend guys try to joke on me and is it because they're jealous or intimated? Cuz when jm
alone I hardly ever hear this stuff


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  • Their lives suck and thats why they try to make you the butt of the joke.

    Dont listen to them, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • You care way too much about what other people say


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