"I prefer a natural musk"?

I'm not a fan on cologne. I don't mind light perfume or body mist on my so. Preferably the latter. but anyways, she stated her opinion that she prefers a "Natural Musk". What exactly does she mean? Is she reffering The natural scent of me? or something else.


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  • it's literally your natural scent. you can feel like you stink but your girl can find it as the sexiest scent to her.

    • thank you. good to know

  • Musk smells so good haha.
    Probably means nothing too overpowering in a cologne. Like a light musky scent that seems natural. Nothing that will give her a headache.

  • Natural BO. I used to like smelling Tide detergent off a guys clothes but not the fruity rainforest bs scents they have out there. Ick. I don't even like deodorant smell on a guy.

    • thank you. and about the deodorant part, I feel the same. But what about when say working out. I feel there's a line you gotta cross between bo one can be around and Bo one can't stand haha

    • Natural deodorant stick made with mild essential oils when around her. By yourself, anything you like :)

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