Can girls with big boob's wear Bralette tops?

I was just wondering if bralettes work for girls with big boobs. Do they support and hold up your boob's or will they just drop and sag in that kind of top?


Most Helpful Guy

  • yes... why not?

    • Don't know if they'll be strong enough to hold big boob up firmly... They're not made from the strongest material

    • they won't hold your big boobs up firmly probably but you can wear it

Most Helpful Girl

  • They don't support that well to be honest but it depends on the form of the bralette


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What Guys Said 1

  • Listen interns of look yes sure you can it's so sexy XD

    About the practicality.
    You need to see good material and one with a shape that will be supporting that weight ;) if u are that much blessed.

    :) they are not all made from same clothes material and %.
    And model / shape helps to make it less bouncy, comfortable and hold them 🙈 so the bra didn't break

    Anyway :) it's very attractive to see a girl with that. A corset is my #1 sexy thing a girl can have with medium to large boobs size


What Girls Said 1

  • I haven't been able to find one that works, personally.


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