What's your opinion on teeth grills?

What's your opinion on teeth grills?What's your opinion on teeth grills?What's your opinion on teeth grills?Just found out what these things are called lmao. Just out of curiosity. I've never noticed anyone actually wearing them before. Then again I don't really stare at people's teeth so I meannnn 😅

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Actually extremely surprised that almost nobody has found them interesting/a turn on. I guess I'm pretty indifferent but intrigued by them haha. It's different.. Not something you see everyday I suppose lol. But what really surprised me is that nobody voted on the "see results" option yet! Literally always happens.. So many votes and zero of those.. It's crazy ahaha. Guess everyone has an opinion on these weird things then haha


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  • Are they detachable?

    If so - indifferent
    If not - massive turn off

    • I actually have no clue. I was just curious what people thought of how they looked haha. I'm sure your average cheap pair slide on and off from how it looks. I doubt there's many that are permanent.. I don't know for sure though lol

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    • Yeah the vampire ones are kinda cool. Yeah I agree if it was all the time it'd be ehh

    • They come right off

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  • Lol it's a turn off. I don't want to be lookin like Flavor Flav... 😅


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