Sunburn- any tips?

anyone got any idea how to soothe really severe sunburn?

and when will it go?

I'm talking really bad red raw sunburn :(

please help


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  • You poor thing. I got sunburned about a month ago. It was quite bad, wouldn't call it severe though. But it stung and hurt bad for I'd say about 24-36 hours, then the stinging went away. It then took a further 3 days before it started peeling. The color started to fade quite quickly after about 2 days of being burnt.

    For the first day when it stings the best thing to do is place a damp cloth on it to temporarily relieve the stinging. Then when you shower, use baby oil to re-hydrate the burnt areas. And also use aloe vera gel to help cool it down too.

    Other then that you just have to live thru it I'm afraid.

    Whatever you do make sure you don't massage it or irritate the skin in any way. It can swell up etc.


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  • ahh I feel for you, I had that a couple of weeks ago, couldn't lay on my back without it hurting! Aloe vera is very good for sunburn as it cools and soothes the skin. When I had mine I used garnier Ambre solare after sun spray( it's in a blue bottle), it contains aloe vera. I keep mine in the fridge and it feels even more soothing when you spray it on. Also a cool bath or shower may help to cool the skin down initially but make sure the water isn't hot or it will only make it worse. It took about 5 days for the redness to go and it stopped being painful after about 4 days, but then I started to peel, but I just kept it really moisturized to stop the skin getting too dry. And always remember to wear sun tan lotion to protect yourself, I normally do- but the day I got burnt I forgot to put it on before I went out. :(

  • I get sunburned every summer, and have gone through my share of products, then my mom bought a Aloe Vera plant, it feels great on the skin too, its a fact, have you ever noticed that sunburn products all include aloe vera.

    If you get a plant, you have to cut the plant open and you'll find saliva looking stuff inside, its a miracle worker though.

    Hope you get better in no time.

  • calomine lotion that's been kept in the fridge - it's great. And in future make sure you use a high sun protection factor as skin that has been burnt before is more sensitive to the sun in future.