How come Girls have a different perception of female beauty than men?

It happens a lot of times, that when a certain girl is being brought up, say for example some celeb or model, who isn't ur classic beauty, men auto say she's ugly/unattractive

Ask girls about the same girl, and they will most likely tell you she's gorgeous or beautiful etc..

Why is this? Are boys just that generic? Surface lvl thinkers? Do we really think with our dick? Do we follow trends (such as this wave of pedastalling thick girls)?

Even i endure this, cause my taste is in comparison to other boys, very "diff", therefor i dont feel any better, it just makes me curious how come they look at these girls as really ugly, whilst most females say they very pretty


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  • Because they don't have balls.

  • they have boobs...

    • Lmao what? 😂😂😂

    • ya... first thing we notice... if they dont have those we never care to see...

    • I think today people care more about ass then tits

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