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I started my hair with two strand twists with a rubber band at the end. I am Latina, and my hair type is curly 3B hair, which has a definite S shape, full bodied, and is light when there is no product in it. My friend that did them for me said they will eventually knot up and form into dreads. I have had them in for about a month now. My questions are:
1. When will my two strand twists start to form to dreads?
1. Do I take my two strand twists apart? Or do I let them unravel in their own? if so, when do I take them apart?
2. Do I have to retwist my dreads? if so, how often? Can I twist them myself?


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  • Your hair might not be the right texture for locks. Out of curiosity are you Afro-Latina?


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