Why do people say I'm good looking when I know I am not?

I hear it all the time from my mom, and from other people, usually friends trying to cheer me up. So I know they are lying right. Because I hate it when people say it. I mean no offense but friends and family are supposed to say that, and no attractive girl has ever said I am attractive. I mean I am short, overweight, and have brown hair, and people say I look like zach galifinakis w/o the beard so I know I ain't good looking..

hey just wondering how do you post links. Maybe I could post a pic so you could see what I look like.
okay here is my fb pic link Here you can see my pic


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  • Dude. I am the sort of person who can never lie about a persons attractiveness. Never been able to...I don't think people could say that unless there was some degree of truth to it..


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  • I'm sure your not ugly. Your just being hard on yourself, maybe your friends and family are telling the truth:)

  • you're probably not ugly, but not hot enough to get hot girls

    i don't understand why you can't just lose weight? if you feel ugly and you're overweight then put in work to drop the pounds you will look much better

    • Easier said than done. I tried once before for like 4 months when I was a freshman and got down to about 215. I mean if it took me 4 months to lose that it'd take forver to get to a weight attractive girls would like

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  • Thats common man. I'm a guy and I don't think I look to good either but I only hear it from close friends and family too. No pretty woman has ever said I look good and meant it. But I will tell you, there are over 3 billion girls in this world so that means there are 3 billion differant taste. One of those 3 billion will think you look great and really mean it. Don't worry about it too much, just remember that there's always somebody that looks worse than you out there.

  • I like this question. I wonder why people tell me that too. I'm just like stfu and tell me what you really think. If I wasn't ugly I wouldn't have been single my whole life and never done anything at all with a girl.

    • Ugliness has nothing to do with being single. There's little to no correlation between the two.

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    • It really isn't a lot of relation between the two. I've seen ugly ass charming guys who have girls dying for them, and I've seen a decent looking shy guy who literally has no game and it doesn't surprise me that he has no game. It's like, If you're not gonna try and go up to people and smile and have a conversation, then no ones gonna try with you. Seriously.

    • Oh. Well if I knew how to meet girls or had a way to. I guess I'd try it.

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