Strange patterns I do not understand from people?

1. People who wear flip flops, and shorts during a rainy season Are these people at the beach or what are they thinking?
2. People who wear their caps backwards and at night. Is it a fashion statement or wnat to be cool (cause is not cool) or what is it? The cap has a reason to wear it in front so you can protect yourself from the sun and why wear it at night anyway?
3. Wearing sunglasses at night like the Corey Hart song. Unless you have an eye condition that do not allow you not to wear sunglasses due to the light, wind or dust or something else, what is the deal of wearing sunglasses at night? Are you a celebrity or you simply think that by wearing sunglasess you wotn be recognized?
4. Women who wear high heels shoes and walk over the bad built sidewalks, with cracks and holes? ? Wear some flat or comfortable shoes or tennis if you have to go to work afterwards and then change it back to heels once at the office. What if you have to run? You may fall in high heels.
5.. Dress up to go to the supermarket including wearing high heels and make up on. You got to be kidding me!! I mean it is just a supermarket where you need to be comfty to do the shopping. I know you may say " I have to look good beause I may run into someone known or I see a cutie over there" But I dont mean looking sloppy, you still can wear some jeans or some nice pants flats or tennis and nice shirt, not wrinkled, well groomed hair and lip gloss and still look decent but not wearing tight pants or tight jeans or very well dressed like you are going out at night with your Friends, and lots of make up on and high heels!!!
6- In cold weathers the only piece of cloth you use to protect from it is a scarf but still wears a strap shirt. Do you really think a scarf will protect you from the cold if you still are wearing a strap shirt and your arms are exposed? LOL LO!!! Unless you do not get cold in cold weathers I may understand you not wearing sweaters or a more warm blouses with sleeves.

Are you related to these ones? Do you know more odd patterns from people?


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  • 1.. their life why do you care..
    2.. their life why do you care..
    3.. their life why do you care..
    4.. their life why do you care..
    5.. their life why do you care..
    6.. their life why do you care..
    they are like that it is their choice.. the freedom to choose.. they like it.. their life why do you care?

    • And why you are so defensive with me? Catn I have freedom of speech and expression and post whatever I want like you are here responding me what you want?

      Spoiled teenager!!

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    • and yeah you were telling me about my spelling mistake.. you wrote girl instead of guy in other opinion..

    • kitty these things are irritating only if you give a damn about it.. if you won't think it will not irritate it.. I was not being defensive it is just there are different people who like different things.. you gotta accept that..

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  • Eh, I wear a black and grey striped elf looking hat with a long black and white stripes scarf with a blazer.

    AKA I have no room to judge others, lol 😂

    • For me those people look ridiculous and pathetic. There is a time and place to wear things.

    • True, I only wear it in winter except the Blazer sometimes 😐

  • Ha ha good observations.

    • Thanks but now I got bashed for writing this post.

    • I loved it. And life's like that.

  • I like ur thinking


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