What makes you feel incredibly attracted to another person?

is there something specific that gives you those intense butterflies? Can you feel it in your gut when you realize you are very attracted to a person? What is it that seals it for you?


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  • I really like a girl that has dark brown hair/brown eyes... great smile and its hard to describe, but she has like those big cute innocent eyes and like if her eyes also "smile back" as she's smiling, that's what seals the deal. Like if her eyes get a little squinty as she's smiling. So unbelievably attractive to me... Her facial structure also plays a part in the attraction.

    Also if she has a nice body, wider hips and larger breasts... my gosh, she's perfect!

    She's gotta just have that cute innocence about her, but yet that irresistable hotness/sexyness at the same time and she's got me! I love a girl with a cute, quirky, random personality too.

    Basically just described my dream girl lol ;)


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  • The spanish look is really attractive to me... also a girl with a really pretty face is cute too... don't really care below the head, but they can't be too big, or it won't be attractive.


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  • If he has an outgoing personality and his face. I really like darker skin with chocolate brown eyes I think is soooo good looking. Oh, and he has to have a nice smile. And if he has a muscular, sexy body, then that's definitely a plus:) lol

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