Calling a Guy "Cute" - Mainly for Girls to Answer

I find it degrading to be called "cute". I feel like I'm sort of second place (first loser) to the 'hot guy' with a bulked up body, who always ends up with the girl. Its like "aww you're cute...but..." - -Good, but not good enough.

I think I'm quite aware of the differences and similarities between what influences a girl to refer to a guy as being 'cute' vs 'hot', but I just want to know how many girls are automatically attracted to the bulky player type, rather than guys like myself. What's your take?

And when I say "bulked up" or muscular, I'm not referring to competition body builders, just thicker American underwear model types.


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  • You know..

    To some girls like myself, the physical attraction is important and we all have our own types but it really all comes down to the guy's personality.

    Is he sweet or is he just a jerk?

    There's also nothing wrong with 'cute'.

    I actually prefer them.

    I'm sure the women's population doesn't only consist of girls who like 'hot' guys so be rest assured.



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  • personally, I've always been attracted to the cute guys. The hot ones are nice to look at, but they tend to know that they look good and are complete asses. I always tell my boyfriend that he's cute and I always use that as a complement.

  • I don't really every use the word hot... mainly I use cute... but I'm not really into the super ridiculous muscular type... I'm more into the geeky type

  • I would say that being cute is wayyyy better than being hot!

    I always use words like cute, adorable, and even handsome! :P

    I find the word hot to be cheesy!

  • Cute is a guy that is...well cute. he's attractive enough that you notice it, but he may be less masculine or more shy and sweet seeming. either way it's a compliment its not like they are calling you ugly and ignoring your presence. just because you're cute that doesn't mean you can't be liked. I used to have the biggest crush on this guy I used to work with and he was "cute". he had a girlfriend though

  • Well first off you could be called worse things then cute. I like guys with some muscle not a lot but to the point where he can hold me I'm his arms for me to feel safe. Abs help a lot. Like Channing Tatum. I think that's how you spelll it.


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