Can someone explain this bra fit question to me?

I'm having interesting issues fitting bras. Like, I'll try on bras in my size. A lot of times what will happen is that the edges of the cups on the bra will cut into my breast tissue, like the cup is too small. But the same cup size will be gapping at the edges of the cup like it's too big. I have the same problem even if I try on different band sizes. I haven't been able to find a bra that actually fits - right now I'm wearing sports bras which don't actually provide a lot of support. I've been professionally fitted but bras in "my size" don't actually seem to fit - and I tried a few sizes around that and they don't fit either. Does anyone know what's going on and how I fix it?


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  • Maybe you need to have a customized bra made for you? Sounds like you tried all options, but just like pants and shirts, every brand fits different even if it's the same size

    • Do you have any idea how expensive customized bras are? I can barely afford 2 regular bras!

    • Oh I'm sure they are not cheap, only thing you can do is to try all different brands and sizes until you find the right one, try a wireless one too so it doesn't dig in either

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  • Have you tried adjusting them so the edge of the cup won't be on your breasts. Message me so we can discuss personal details.

    • Some braids might be 1 size to small.

    • Go up one cup and down one band size

    • I tried. I'm at the point where the band is barely closing on the loosest setting and I'm still having the same issues with the cup.

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  • Being a guy i have no real knowleadge
    of this however when i was at uni i lived with 4 girls and i quite often heard them say going into ann summers or la senza to get themselves measures always came up well


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  • Sounds like you have a smaller breast plate. I do too. Try a band down and a cup up.

  • Have you tried different stores/brands?

    • It's kind of hard because we only have one actual bra store in the area. My size doesn't exist in regular department stores, so Victoria's secret is literally the only place within 2h that carries anything close to fitting.

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    • I've checked all the department stores around here, and the largest cup size they stock is a DD, unless you're in the 38+ band size.

    • That's interesting, it's different here.

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