Why are my pupils always small?

My pupils are SO SMALL almost ALL the time... and I don't understand why, it could be pitch dark and they could still be small haha.

I can do voluntary pupil dilation and I can make them HUGE, but that's only if I do it myself.

I have blue eyes, do you notice your pupils are mostly small too?


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  • The pupil is an aperture in the iris that is controlled by two sets of smooth muscle, involuntary muscle. From what I understand the iris sphincter muscle which is the iris itself is controlled by a parasympathetic system fibers of the III cranial nerve. When the light is too bright It contracts. then we got the iris dilator muscle which of course dilates the eye. This muscles is innervated by the sympathetic nervous system (sns). Now the SNS is a bit hard to explain. Just by telling you its starts a little below your neck and ends almost by your butt I'm sure throws you off. Well all of this is involuntary. I find it fascinating you can actually dilate your eye.

    alright hope I haven’t lost you. Then we got something called miosis which is excessive constriction of the eye. equal or <2mm. the opposite of this being mydriasis. Miosis, not to be confused with meioisis lol, is normal in excessive light situations but it can also be caused by drugs you might be on or it could be pathological. most of these drugs are antipsychotics and antidepresants and I hope you're not on them I doubt its pathological because then we’re dealing with something like oculosympathetic pasly and a clear sign of this is ptosis (lazy upper eye lid.) I'm sure your doctor would of caught a red flag like this.

    in essence, I'm guessing you just “think” your pupils are always small when in fact their just normal.

    • Hahahha it's a good thing I know what you're talking about.

      thank you bio 12 or else I would of been lost.


      they just seem small compared to everyone elses.

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  • You can take some ecstasy to fix it.


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  • My pupils are almost always on the smaller side. And my eyes are green. They don't dilate a WHOLE lot unless I'm messing with them, have just had an eye exam, or recently eaten psychedelic mushrooms. =P Other drugs that affect the size of other people's pupils a lot don't seem to affect mine quite as drastically.

    I have a friend though whose pupils are almost always huuuge normally. Bigger if she's on something [talking almost no color], but bigger than average when she's sober, regardless of light changes. She can be in full sunlight and they don't shrink down as much as you'd think they should. She has blue eyes too.

    I know tons of people with blue eyes who have smaller/average sized pupils though, and I don't know the reason for the differences. I like messing with pupil dilation and contraction too though, in the mirror, haha. Try being in a well-lit room, looking into your own eyes in the mirror. Then close one eye for like 20 seconds, now focusing on your closed eye, and open it again to watch them both trip out and try to level out to the same size, haha. Or even just focusing JUST right, I can change the size of my pupils. I can probably do it at will any time, but obviously without a mirror or outside confirmation, I'll never know. =P

    • I know!!!!

      I figured out, if you look at something and just like, try to "see through" it, your pupil dilate immediately, it's so cool!

      I know, my blue eyed friend always has large pupils too, it bothers me, I love the look of them, it's so inviting ahhahahaha!

    • That's pretty much exactly what I do, haha. But the one-eye-shut trick is pretty fun too.

      I totally know what you mean about inviting. People's pupils dilate around people they like or feel affection for. =]

      My friend's eyes are really nice. She has this tiny little brown freckle in one of her eyes that you can only see in bright light. So unfortunately you can't see it normally, and I only just noticed it the other day! The only plus about smaller pupils is that you see more of the iris.

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