What is the biggest turn off (personality and body)?

I was just wondering what guys think the biggest turn off for a girl to have is. Like is there something where you would go out with her but she acts a certain way or there is something about her looks that is a deal breaker?


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  • Hmmm vague question, but I'll do my best!

    Big turn offs are anything we believe compromises our view of you. If a guy thinks a girl should dress to the nines and you dress with baggy sweats, that is a turn off, this also works the other way around.

    General turn offs are pretty obvious, bad hygiene acting rude or acting disrespectful. Weird smells or speed talking are a few others.

    You'll find that has you get older you start to build an idea of who you want to be, women that are consistent in how they act makes it easier for those type of guys who best fit you, to find you. Don't worry too much about what a guy likes and doesn't like. You'd be surprised to know that guys aren't all set to just look at t*ts and ass and make a call based on that. There are guys, quite a few that take all your aspects into consideration. Just remember we are also just as scared about our looks and turn offs as you are, and we just need a little nudge to get us to talk to you.


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  • Biggest turn off ever... a girl that acts tough. A personality is everything but when girls try to act tough or strong, it's just a turn off. But saying stuff like how you play sports or how good you are at them is fine. But don't say that you would beat someone up in a serious tone.. it's just- no.

  • Biggest turn off- Arrogance

    Biggest turn on- A girl who is into social justice, into the world around her.

    Yeah that sh*t turns me on

  • im sorry but no matter how hot you are, if your dumb as a post I couldn't even bother. and whiny voices, those just make me cringe. and body? hmmmmmm I dunno, I try to be fit so I would like a girl to be fit as well


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